Automotive eCommerce Case Study

How we increased revenue by 174% and ROAS by 29% in 8 months vs. the previous year


DipYourCar is a US Shopify Plus eCommerce leader in the auto paint industry, focusing on creating and reselling a wide range of high-quality products to dip cars, wheels, and car parts at an affordable price. The DIY dipper community is the primary target audience.


The client aimed at maximizing its brand awareness activities made through other channels (organic and paid social, email marketing, and more), increasing traffic volume, conversions, and revenue.
Considering the wideness of its catalog, including products different in price, category, and experience of the users (pro vs. beginners), the main challenge was to ensure that each product was properly promoted, avoiding top-performing products cannibalizing the other ones.

In particular, this risk of cannibalization was possible due to the following:
Users’ interest, focused mainly on top products, potentially not completely conscious of the rest of the catalog;
Automatic delivery of the PPC platforms, which may promote the product bringing the highest results at the lowest cost, but often ignoring products with good potential.


To ensure each item was correctly delivered to the more appropriate user, we worked on a dynamic product categorization of the campaigns based on performance; we guided Google Ads machines to split the catalog into several campaigns with specific and unique business goals.

This custom segmentation was possible thanks to our integration of Data Feed Watch and Product Hero: two tools that lets us dynamically add each product to the more appropriate campaign, avoiding cannibalization among products and promoting them in the most suitable funnel step.

This tailor-made strategy on shopping placements supported the segmentation previously made in the search campaigns based on the users’ search intent (since the business manufactures its own products, but it’s also a dealer of other brands).


Thanks to the dedicated search campaigns, and the dynamic structure implemented in the shopping area, in the first 8 months of our management (vs the previous year), we:
• increased PPC channels’ 7-figures revenue by 174%
• increase PPC ROAS by 29%


PPC MANAGEMENT: Search Ads, Shopping Ads and Performance Max Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, Microsoft Ads, Feed Management