Case Study: Google Ads for Dentists

Google Ads for Dentists


Dr Varsha Dental Clinic is a full-service dental center in the Hyderabad of India. They came to create their website, and generate high qaulity leads of new patients through paid marketing efforts specially Google ads service

The client previously relied on traditional newspaper adverts but found that these were ineffective. They also ran campaigns on Google Ads before coming to ApexStair, however, these ads only had an average click-thru rate (CTR) of 1.29%. This stands for the percentage of people who viewed the ad and clicked on it to go to the website. The campaigns reached around 1.92K people, but low CTR meant that the targeted audience was set too wide and the ads were not relevant to most of these people.


Since Dr Versha Dental Clinic has several services they wish to promote, ApexStair created different ad groups for these services to cater to specific audiences. These include Braces and other Orthodontics, Dental Surgery, New Patients, Emergency Care, Crown-Bridge-Denture, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants, and Veneers. They are expanded text ads, which allows for a bigger headline and an extra long description to be shown across desktop and mobile devices. The ads will be shown at the top of page 1 of search results for relevant keywords. ApexStair optimized the headline and description to be concise, enough to immediately capture the targeted audience by offering exactly what they are searching for.

The goal for this Google ad campaign is to drive traffic to Dr Versha Dental Clinic website. Therefore, ApexStair created separate landing pages for each of the promoted services, with a contact form where the visitor can directly request an appointment with the clinic. The landing page also contained a detailed description of the dental service and a brief biography of the dentist.

ApexStair focused on thoroughly analyzing and narrowing down the most effective keywords, filtering out poor keywords and search phrases. For example, “Dental Services” would be too generalized (average CTR: 1.33%) compared to “Dental Braces” (average CTR: 2.83%). The ad budget would be adjusted to target high-performance keywords instead to maximize conversions. ApexStair also adjusted geo-targeting to a 4km radius around the practice to reach the audience in the local area.


  • Dr Versh Clinic Dental Centre cost per new patient acquisition for the campaign was just Rs. 16.70!
  • CTR increased to a record high of 3.25%
  • Impressions dropped from 5000 to 1.92K – this means the campaign is highly effective at reaching the target audience, and spending less money on people who are not likely to visit the practice
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) dropped by almost Rs. 20.00
  • Close to 70% of all conversions on the website were from Google Ads

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